Mouse in the House—Illustrator to Photoshop to Finished Illustration Tutorial

Posted by Nancy Archer on

Are you interested in seeing how a little illustration is done between Illustrator and Photoshop? Follow along...

I start with a line drawing in Illustrator and copy and paste into my Photoshop file.

In Photoshop I start using the paint bucket tool and get basic color into each of the shapes.

I select each shape and start to add some airbrush color as shadows and highlights.

Then we can start to add texture with acrylic brushes in a large size.

With a smaller brush, and my Wacom Tablet, I start adding some fur texture and with a larger airbrush, I add the cheek blush.

I go back to the larger acrylic brushes in about a 20% opacity and soften things up a bit. Then use a very small airbrush diameter and add the whiskers.

I add a drop shadow and feel the little mouse is kind of lonely out on the page by himself...

So I add some flowers on new layers above and below the mouse layer. Fun stuff!


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